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Nonmetal range

nonmetal buy shoe range The Nonmetal range offers a type of footwear in Category II certified according to EN ISO 20345: 11, safety-toe and anti-perforation non-metallic template. It is recommenced for general use in jobs that require safety footwear in which it is required flex ibili dad and lightness. 100% non-metallic.

Main features of the Nonmetal range


  • SRC bidensidad PU + PU: Maximum certifiable anti-slip benefits under current rules.
  • Outsole design that provides security and extra strength: wide channels, braking zones, shock absorption and high profiles toe and back.


  • Air S1P models, plush suede leather finish: more breathable and lightweight.
  • Piece TPU in the ankle for added protection and better feel fit.
  • EXTRA collar padded tongue bellows EXTRA padded insole shaped ergonomically for comfort and fit.
  • Quilted lining EXTRA Bellota 3D Mesh: better ventilation and comfort.
  • EXTRA Horma wide.
  • nonmetallic brackets: 100% nonmetallic footwear.