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Wooden stairs

Wooden ladders are preferred for professional painting and electricity, especially when we refer to step ladders or stepladders.

The stepladder can double up or switch sides when they are performing tasks without moving the ladder. Furthermore you need not be supported on the walls on which they work and can be useful to carry tools. Therefore it is a practical and useful while offering unmatched stability tool. They are professional stairs, so they must offer maximum guarantees of security and compliance with quality guidelines that meet current European regulations, including the standard EN-131.

The stringers and stair treads scissors are made from premium woods that support working conditions connected by galvanized iron hinges and skid shoes.

These wooden stairs are prized for their low temperature driving and electricity, as well as its pleasant feel. Although it is easier to find in the work of interior decoration, if your wood is properly treated, they can also be used in outdoor work during the winter.

If you look in the wooden stairs affordable prices and premium brands here you will find models that will mean big savings for your pocket. We have stairs with different number of steps to suit your needs.

Remember to keep your stepladder always in perfect condition for your safety. Check the beads of the legs, steps and hinges frequently. Working wads ladder that can change when worn, as the ladder lose grip on the ground and will be easier to slip.

As a general rule do not place the stairs behind doors or windows that may become unbalanced, make sure they are well mounted and locked.