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Thermal bags for food Valira

One of the star products Valira is the thermal pack, presented in different models for different uses, but all with high performance thanks to its thick polyurethane as they are intended for prolonged preservation of the food temperature .

¿Thermal bags for beach or city?

Valira has different models of thermal bags for each need. Whether with an urban and modern design for all occasions in town, or a more colorful and festive to wear on the beach, pool or golf design. So we have bags with an elegant combination of gray with tighter to urban, black handles or the happy combination of blue with more tricolors tote own natural environment. In any case thermal bags for food Valira are made of fabrics resistant and easily washable materials with superior, friendly and durable finish.

While together present stain resistant outer material, waterproof is remarkable within thermal pack Valira, made with high strength welded seams. Some models feature premium handles, comfortable and attractive, while others have extensible shoulder strap or belt hanger.

The different capabilities offered each model, It allows us to select one that fits more to our needs, ranging from one that allows us to maintain the temperature of a soda bottle 2 liters to one that contains the necessary for the family picnic. Options range if seek a bag inside pocket or outer

Therefore, buy thermal bags Valira is a guarantee of success for its strength, impermeability, performance and design.

On the other hand, the price of thermal bags Valira you can find in Bricolemar is another of the attractions that make definitely you decide on one.