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Fill a glass of tap water, put the washing machine or dishwasher, or take a shower are so everyday actions that sometimes we fall into account the whole system behind to effectively tap supply us with water, washing machine dishwasher and carry the burden of water or shower regale us with a comforting "rain".

Only when we become aware of a leak or any of the above uses is not met, we strive to check where the network failure sanitary water ... and, of necessity also, when we want reforms, extensions or relocate facilities in our homes.

While the main facility and distribution network are its complexity and must respond to an increasingly demanding regulations, and therefore must be done by a professional plumber, there are small repairs and maintenance with which anyone could dare.

What elements help us solve problems in our water supply network?

In this section we offer some of the most common elements involved in the supply network of sanitary water for yourself can make those repairs or extensions.

  • Fittings: These accessories copper pipes that channel water from our homes will allow us to make further distributions and network extensions to carry water where we need it .
  • Keys paso: You can find different keys paso of water to open or close the supply to a section of the house, according to the needs of each moment, without affecting the others and shut-off valves to open or close the flow to a particular fixture.
  • Hoses: These hoses serve as liaisons with running water intakes health. Connect, for example, a key cutting a sink faucet or a sink, a tank or an appliance that requires water intake.
  • Taps: The faucet in kitchens and bathrooms is the final and most visible of the entire network of sanitary water, and therefore also acquires a decorative component in the home, so it deserves a separate section can be found in our section plumbing.