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Metal numbers and letters

Door numbers are identification tools homes, offices, residential rooms and generally very necessary to avoid confusion and always give good references.

In this sub-category store Door Accessories will get everything needed to help identify your place with letters and numbers great style and always at the best price.

How to install door numbers and letters?

Since it is very important to all property well identified with numbers and letters for doors must follow certain recommendations to properly install them .

  • Mark the position: once chosen the number or letter to be used should choose the place where the door is to be located. Usually choose the center of the door. It is advisable to measure the distance between the lock and the top of the door, from here the midpoint mark and then the horizontal center point is. The position is where both points are.
  • It should hold the letter or number to make the marks: right next to the center mark of the door to keep the number or letter for the contour of the workpiece.
  • If screw holes are open: you must choose the drill bit to match the screw for adjusting work.
  • Drill holes: in the marks made, must be made with the drill holes, taking care not to pierce or damage the door. It is ideal to pilot holes.
  • Place the piece in place: and must be inserted screws, nails or rivets in the holes. Finally they should be screwed or verify they are fixed in position so that in this way the number or letter will not fall.

Remember that these letters and numbers to houses in polished brass metal specifically here the get the best price for retail. For wholesale quantities we can also offer you the right price for your budget, just contact us directly at our phone number.

Identify your door a good time with letters and numbers Bricolemar house!