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Currently the faucet installed in our homes beyond the simple practicality of being the final element of channeling water to our health elements, through it, open or close the water supply. The aesthetic element has taken great importance and becomes a piece of decoration and style in kitchens and bathrooms, moreover, you must combine formulas simplification to achieve a suitable temperature and saving methods in the water flow and therefore , cost savings.

For this combination of uses, aesthetics, economy, comfort, etc. and the different proportions of these elements are in the market a lot of models of faucets that provide solutions to the different needs of users.

Cater to our needs and aesthetic combination with other elements of kitchens and bathrooms should arouse our concern when choosing a faucet.

What kind of taps we can find at home faucet?

In response to available inputs of water and controls that regulate the flow and temperature thereof have the following classification:

  • Simple taps has only one water inlet, either cold or hot, and therefore a single control to regulate only the outgoing water flow.
  • The mixer tap has two inputs, one for cold water and another for hot water and one outlet pipe for the two types of water. The form of temperature control is performed via the control or command, depending on the model.
  1. Bimando taps consist of two knobs and a pipe. A command for cold water and another for hot water, as a control open up more than the other go obtaining a final temperature of water according to desired.
  2. Mixer taps consist of a single command and a pipe. According drift control in one way or another will achieve the proper temperature.

In both cases the temperature is regulated by the difference in opening flow between hot and cold. But a special case is the thermostatic taps that are two different controls, one to regulate the flow and one for temperature control, offering greater choice and security.