In the hand tools you will find hammers, measuring tapes, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, wrenches, saws, chisels, gouges, files, rasps, Hacksaw, protection and safety, clothing, footwear, management, cleaners and more.

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  • Masonry

    Masonry tools to build and reform

    The best tools we alabañileria the Bricolemar, with the best tools to do construction work or works or reforms at home, the final quality of the works will be higher which will provide greater satisfaction and stability. Albañileria in our online shop will find a wide selection of trowels, floats, buckets pallets Italian and more.

    The experience providing the best companies producing masonry tools are the hallmark of our online store, with the various tools as well as useful for mixtures of materials and more, as the brands Karpatools, Mercatools and Bellota , will be the best allies in the masonry work.

    Our goal is that you can make the best tasks and bricklaying masonry tools to buy at the best price and the best quality with an efficient and accountable delivery, so that your shopping experience is very satisfactory.


    The prices of various masonry tools are presented for retail prices. So if you want to buy mason tools wholesale, do not hesitate to communicate with us by phone and we help you to introduce the best price proposals.

  • Alcotanas And Pegs

    Alcotanas and pickaxes, grinding tools Mason.

    No Mason can be complete without its alcotanas, nor can is not their pickaxes. As well as, any house with a garden must do without these tools. That is why in Bricolemar we offer these tools masonry, ideal for roughing, removal of plaster and opening holes in our online store alcotanas and pickaxes.

    Buy pickaxes, besides buying alcotanas quality Bricolemar will be possible thanks to our suppliers quality Mercatools and FCDB. Among all varieties of peak tool, alcotanas and more, you will find the tool you want to ensure quality in their construction work. The alcotanas we offer have wooden handles or fiberglass handles to satisfy the need you may have.

    Piquette is a conventional tool to have on hand and we offer it at the best price. Remember that the products on our site are marked for retail purchase. To buy pickaxes, alcotanas and other tools wholesale, we recommend you to call us to agree on a price that best suits your budget according to your needs.

  • Pliers

    Pliers classic clamping tools

    A whole range of pliers and assorted pliers often use armed repair or simple clamping tasks. In Bricolemar we offer the best pliers and tongs for the best that no task remains incomplete and perfect grip.

    Among the pliers with which we in our online store can offer combination pliers, flat nose pliers and various types of pliers, and can also offer carpenter pincers, pliers enconfrador and many more of these useful tools at the best price.

    If you are looking to buy pliers and tongs at the best price and high quality, with the guarantee of brands such as Bahco , Mercatools and FCDB in Bricolemar you will have to find the place. With all our prices of pliers presented as retail prices, do not hesitate to call us to ask for higher prices, which will be surprised.

  • Arcos Saw

    Arcos de Sierra. Hand tools for cutting various materials.

    Among the most common tools used by professional and amateur DIY, masonry and other building professions are the arches saw. In Bricolemar we have a wide variety of hacksaws to count on the ease of choosing manual tool that best suits your needs.

    Our wide selection tool assembly hacksaw has the quality and guarantee that brands like Bellota , Karpatools and Mader can offer. That's why the price of bow saws we offer in our online shop Hacksaw, is unmatched in its relationship with the quality of these products.

    Here we will make the shopping experience very satisfying bow saws with a delivery service quality and service that only here in Bricolemar can offer. Our Hacksaw, also known by the name of handsaws are presented with retail prices here. For wholesale prices, so you just have to call us to our phones to make you a suitable offer to your requirements.

  • Pointers And Chisels

    Chisels and pointers for roughing, cutting, molding and more.

    Chisel tools and pointer are suitable for cutting, gouging and including hand tools grinding equipment. These hand tools can be found here in the our online chisel and pointers And the best price !.

    In Bricolemar you can find a variety of chisels of all sizes, as well as pointers stonemason to prepare the workpieces and chisels of leading brands like Bellota . In this variety you find what you're likely to need !.

    If you want to buy chisel, as well as a pointer or chisels, all you have to do is access the product of your choice and add to cart. In a few clicks you've already bought your chisel, chisels pointer or ideal for your DIY jobs!

    Our prices pointers and chisels are marked for retail purchase. So if you want to buy wholesale any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us to our phones for us to accommodate your budget requirements.

  • Cutting Tools

    Manual cutting tools for cutting tasks easier.

    All manual cutting task requires the best tools manual cutting and Bricolemar we bring you to meet your needs cutting.

    Our cutting tools online store offers only the most prominent brands when it comes to cutting tools like cutters, pocket knives, electrician and many more. These tools are adequate to meet all tasks and requirements you may have-and at the best price!

    If you want to buy cutting tools at the best price, just you find yourself a few clicks to have your cutting instruments in their hands. The prices we present below are for retail purchases, so if you're looking to buy these products at wholesale, we recommend you contact us by telephone so that we can introduce an appropriate proposal to your requirements.

  • Screwdrivers And Tips

    Screwdrivers and tips for all screwing tasks.

    You are looking for the right screwdriver for your assembly work, DIY, construction and assembly? Well, look no further than Bricolemar we bring our online store screwdrivers and tips! For screwing and unscrewing quality.

    With our store screwdrivers and tips you'll get a huge variety of screwdriver tool as well as a wide range of screwdriver bits for all the tasks you need performed without the need for several screwdrivers.

    You want to buy and cheap screwdriver tip and with the best quality? Look no further than Bricolemar you have our store screwdrivers and screwdriver bits to buy comfortably and with the best service delivery to the door of your home.

  • Chisels And Gouges

    Chisels and gouges for wood cutting and carving style.

    Woodcarving be a simpler job with our online store chisels and gouges because in it we offer the chisel and gouge you need to complete your tasks cutting and wood carving to achieve the most efficient and attractive works with this material.

    In Bricolemar you can find a variety of chisels and gouges with the quality and guarantee of the best brands for styling and shaping wood. Wood chisels brands such as Mercatools , Leman and Bellota integrate our collection, as well as the best market chisels.

    Chisels and gouges to buy this is the best place in the whole web. We offer prices to buy wood carving gouges with the best regarding its quality. Our retail prices are presented, so if you want to know our excellent wholesale prices should only communicate directly with us to our phones.

  • Staplers And Nailers

    Manual staplers and nailers for quick and accurate nailed

    Upholstery work, assembly and other DIY tasks always requires the hand of a tool such as the stapler or nailer that we ensure manual bonding of different materials with ease. These high - end products can be found in our online store staplers and nailers.

    The best place to buy stapler is this, because here you will find a variety of manual plastic and metal staplers, belonging to a prestigious brand in staplers as it is Siesa as well as for the best in nailers from the same manufacturer, Siesa .

    And if you also looking for the best price in stapler, here we offer coupled with excellent service delivery of our products to the door of your home or workplace with just a few clicks. To add more, we pneumatic nailer incredible price.


    Remember that our prices for Staplers are exposed to buy retail, so if you want to buy or also several nailers staplers in amounts to the largest, we recommend contacting us directly offer our luxury prices. So welcome to our store stapler and nailer nail the best price!

  • Keys

    Keys, hand tools for every task tightening

    A whole entire universe of keys we offer in our online store keys Bricolemar tools, so you choose the one key that can most need.

    We have the best brands in tools to bring their own keys and key sets of all types and sizes, for simple tasks and more complicated tasks. Brands such as Bahco , Mercatools , Power Mac, Karpatools and many more.

    Upon entering this section you will find different types of tools keys can find the best price with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your computer. Each key has a special function that can satisfy a particular need.

    So if you are looking to buy key tools you're in the right place. Remember that our prices for all our products presented for retail purchase, so if you need to buy wholesale, you just have to call us and we will be happy to help.

  • Limar, Brush And Sharpen

    Limar, brushing and grinding with hand tools for deburring

    The best in hand tools for filing, sharpening brush and find it here with our categories of files and brushes, specially designed for grinding wood, soft materials, metals and semi - hard to hard.

    In Bricolemar we bring you the ideal products for filing, brushing and grinding. Rasps, files and brushes of top brands such as Bellota and Mercatools to meet your needs.

    Buy tools for filing, brushing and grinding is easier now, thanks to Bricolemar. You only have to access our categories if you are looking to iron out or just to brush tools, and select one of the products within our range, according to the price and the type of tool you require.

    Remember that our prices for tools for grinding and brushing tools are present on this page to buy retail. For wholesale price, please contact us to offer the best fit for your budget requirements.

  • Tool Handles

    Handles for hand tools of the highest quality and the best price

    No tool is useful without a proper handle. So here Bricolemar boats do not want your old hand tool and rather tool handles can buy at the best price and our excellent delivery service handles our catalog.

    Handles for tools we offer in our shop have the guarantee of the best brands like Bellota , Tefer and FCDB. We also have wooden handles, fiber and other materials that fit in the best way your needs and your budget.

    Handles our catalog will find a wide variety of   mangos and not only that, but low prices to buy retail. But do not worry, because if you want to buy tools wholesale only you should contact us at our phones and you will personally handles.

  • Hammers, Mallets Macetas

    Hammers. Traditional tools to impact prices

    Getting the ideal hammer looks like a simple task, but should take into account the tasks for which this traditional tool will be needed. In Bricolemar hammers we offer high quality to meet the required task in the best way. And of course always at great prices!

    The different types of hammers of the best toolmakers like Bellota , Mercatools , Kreator and more, we have them here for you to make the best selection according to your needs and your budget. The hammer tool for you, only Bricolemar.

    Welcome and move on , do not run out your hammer and you're only a few clicks to have one of these new tools, and from the comfort of your computer. The price of each hammer is reflected for retail purchase, but do not worry!.

    If you want to buy hammers the greatest, you should just call our phones so we can offer an adequate price to the budget you possess to make your purchase at most.

  • Picks And Shovels

    Quality picks and shovels for construction and ground work

    No construction site, topographical work or work site that does not have picks and shovels tools arranged to perform the tasks of chopping stones and make manual excavations. That's why these hand tools are indispensable in any kind of activity of the above.

    That's why, in Bricolemar we offer the picks and shovels highest quality and best brands, so you can always count on ideal tools to do the contract work very well done. The shovels and pickaxes we offer in our online hardware store belong to brands like Bellota , Mercatools , FCDB, Corona and Karpatools only offer excellent quality products and services.

    And speaking of prices of picks and shovels You will not believe how cheap are !. Besides that, we have an excellent delivery service to the door of your office, work or home, making it easier can buy picks and shovels from the comfort of your computer and with just a few clicks.

    So do not hesitate to buy your picks and shovels with us! Remember that all our prices shovels and pickaxes and picachones in various ways, are reflected in prices for the sale of these detailed products, so if you want to buy these tools the most, just have to call our phones so we can offer an adequate budget to your requirements.

  • Handsaws

    Hand saws, tools for cutting wood, pruning and more

    No wood to resist, the best handsaws should buy. The saw is a necessary tool if it is to carry out pruning work, carpentry or cut and should use a durable and large enough for large wooden elements tool.

    In Bricolemar, we have a wide variety of products which can include saws pruning, as well as saws carpenter, wood, tip and rib among others, so you have the ability to choose the ideal product for your cutting needs.

    In addition, we offer handsaws in Bricolemar have quality big brand manufacturers such as Bellota , Kreator and Mercatools providing not only quality but guarantee its materials and its experience in national and international markets.

    So if you want pruning saws or other saws, here you can buy. And we want to make the experience of buying handsaws, a great experience we bring the prices of our products for retail purchase. While hacksaw to buy wholesale, you just need to contact us to our phones to introduce our budgets tailored to your purchasing requirements.

  • Subjection

    Restraint tools work that requires precision and grip

    Clamping tools and clamping are ideal for holding and immobilizing workpieces. Therefore, they are necessary in many workshops and works where necessary precision work. And Bricolemar we are interested in you can buy tools for fastening the best price.

    In our online shop you will find tools to hold a variety of these tools for every need tightening and fixation. Tools for fastening such as screws, clamps or tighten clamps you can find here, with the quality that can only offer the best toolmakers like Kreator , Mader , Urko and Bellota .

    So do not hesitate if you want to buy tools to hold you click on the links of the products of the holding tool you want to buy and add to cart. Keep in mind that prices for these tools are marked for retail. If you want to buy these tools the most, you should contact us at our phones and there'll introduce an adequate budget to your needs.

  • Various

    Elements and essential tools for the workshop

  • Scissors

    Scissors for everyone: nail, blunt, electrician and more

    In Bricolemar we present our online store scissors where you will find a universe of scissors for different needs and uses, among which may be mentioned: nail, with blunt, manicure, sewing and electricians.

    To preserve the prestige that characterizes us, we offer the ideal place to buy scissors at the best price with quality brands like Roher , Bahco and Palmera, only they can offer thanks to its manufacturing materials and excellent manufacturing processes.

    Each of our categories offer prices detailed scissors to buy these tools, only a little clicks are enough to guarantee you your scissors at your door and it's all from the comfort of your computer !. So if you want to buy wholesale scissors, you just have to call our phone directly and will offer an adequate budget to your needs.

    Buy your scissors with Bricolemar!

  • Riveters

    Manual riveters

    In this section you will find at your disposal a wide range of high - performance manual riveters for blind and structural rivets. You accompanying the quality with which they are made find models that stand out for their lightness and ergonomics, safety and adaptability, or for its speed and ease of handling.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 1037 items