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Exterminating pests is very easy

Spring arrives, rising temperatures and a better time in general, and with them the time comes pest.

All those little insects like bugs, and numerous annoying ants, cockroaches unpleasant addition to any sanitary rodents invade houses and gardens, bringing discomfort and unnecessary shocks. So it becomes very important to eliminate pests before they become a real problem.

If you are looking for the best allies for pest control, in this section you will find the best variety of products you Antiplagas as:

Novar range:

Ecological syringe is the ideal home how to eliminate ants ant Ecogel 5gr response.
Also you find the trap to kill ants Ecogel ecological trap ants in his presentation traps 3 of 5 grams (5g x 3).
The gel kill cockroaches ecological syringe in its different presentations Ecogel 5gr cockroaches and the cockroaches Ecogel 10gr able to remove up 50 cockroaches with a single drop.
Another tool of this brand is to exterminate cockroaches Trap Ecogel kills roaches in boxes containing 6 2,5gr traps each.
This brand offers a solution to how to exterminate wasps with wasp trap Novar ecological design and attractive colors, which does not use chemicals.
In addition to this trap, Novar also has an attractant for wasps ecological 500ml, ready for use without the use of chemicals, so it is 100% natural.
The ideal to exterminate rats and other unwanted in homes and gardens, fresh bait for Novar rats in a presentation bag 200gr containing 20 sachets 10gr each rodent product is a very effective product because it is very attractive to mice and rats.
Another product of the brand Novar if you have rodents at home, is the Mousetrap with fresh bait Novar Rat Kit is ideal for indoor and outdoor and rodents like mice and moles product.
Novar also offers a solution for pest moths with mothballs Lavender Gel that gives off a fragrance of fresh lavender and prevents moths approach to clothes for 4 to 6 months without using insecticides.
If what you want is to remove flies home, Novar offers the flytrap adhesive strip has no insecticides, chemical nor gives off unpleasant odors.
Also it offers a product to kill woodworm and other wood decay and protect wood with woodworm insecticide Gel 300ml timber cartridge presentation.

SWISSINNO Solutions:

The trap SuperCat mice with natural bait in submission of 2 units per pack, which uses no pesticides, is reusable and is very useful for commercial and industrial uses, it serves for indoor and outdoor.


The trap kills mice Garhe in their various presentations that offers a package of 2 small tablets, a set of 2 medium tablets and one 1 big tablet.
Other solutions to how to exterminate mice are wooden mousetrap Garhe in their presentations 3 holes and 2 holes.

And who else Bricolemar can offer the best product ranges from various brands such as Novar, SWISSINNO Solutions and Garhe to lend maximum support to the hard work of pest control during this new era of pests and of course, the best price!

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