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Workshop cranes Mega

Workshop cranes buy mega Cranes workshop Mega stand out both for its extensive features as their security features that make them some tools of the highest quality and superconfiables, ideal for a working environment in which pre cisa a great maneuverability with heavy objects.

Certified according to European Directive, including security measures cranes workshop Mega stand your device LCS lowering control, the stoppage of the operation if the user accidentally loses control, safety valve against overload or hydraulic limiter travel.

Workshop cranes Mega you'll find Bricolemar just take up space because they are collapsible, and one person can quickly fold them safely. Have extendable arms that shift position with a simple twist of the wrist, and positioning of rotating wheels allows excellent maneuverability.

In addition, you can choose between versions that use standard legs in "V" or parallel legs that allow housing pallets European gauge.