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Quality picks and shovels for construction and ground work

No construction site, topographical work or work site that does not have picks and shovels tools arranged to perform the tasks of chopping stones and make manual excavations. That's why these hand tools are indispensable in any kind of activity of the above.

That's why, in Bricolemar we offer the picks and shovels highest quality and best brands, so you can always count on ideal tools to do the contract work very well done. The shovels and pickaxes we offer in our online hardware store belong to brands like Bellota , Mercatools , FCDB, Corona and Karpatools only offer excellent quality products and services.

And speaking of prices of picks and shovels You will not believe how cheap are !. Besides that, we have an excellent delivery service to the door of your office, work or home, making it easier can buy picks and shovels from the comfort of your computer and with just a few clicks.

So do not hesitate to buy your picks and shovels with us! Remember that all our prices shovels and pickaxes and picachones in various ways, are reflected in prices for the sale of these detailed products, so if you want to buy these tools the most, just have to call our phones so we can offer an adequate budget to your requirements.