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Domestic stairs

Domestic ladder is one of the most basic of which we have at home elements. Will be our main ally to carry out cleaning, maintenance, decoration, painting, installation, reach high spaces and other daily chores around the house and garden.

As a work item in the home, the first thing we require is that domestic stairs are safe. They should ensure stability at all times while performing the work to which we are doomed.

The steps, legs and slip platforms will be inescapable features in our household stairs to prevent slips and falls. Serve other elements that give strength to the stairs increase, such as the top rail handhold or crossbars and tension lines to prevent the ladder to open our level of security.

Another feature that we must consider is the space occupied when keep our stairs. That depends on the number of steps you have and the overall height and width of the staircase, but no doubt the folding ladder is the best option to keep it in any corner of the house and have it always at hand.

We work with leading brands to provide ladders that comply with current safety regulations. Hand Persum, Ferral or Teicocil, among others, you will find a wide variety of models that can meet the characteristics you are looking for in your ladder for home and can offer stairs with extra features such as wider steps, rear louvers and safety others.

If you are looking stairways in domestic economic prices you find models that will not cause a big effort for your pocket.

We also work for the legs ferrules or plugs ladder as these are very important change them when they are worn and the ladder loses grip on the ground and it is easier to slip.