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If within our security section are looking for a quick and economical solution to organize and protect your money or belongings without doubt a great option is to buy a safe or also known as caudalitas.

There are several sizes and colors in our online store so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Besides being an excellent buy for adults as it gives us an extra level of security, safes are an excellent gift for children because it helps little kids from an early age to learn the value of saving and store your belongings, and so we offer in our catalog colors for both boys and girls.

What is important to know when buying a safe?

  • Size: Depending on what you want to save need more or less space.
  • Security level: You have to know that caudalitas have a key to be opened and their security is simple but serves its purpose, however if you need to save valuable objects there are other more robust solutions.
  • Color: It is personal taste, we in blue, black, red, white, green, pink etc.

Cash flow to buy online at the best price without doubt we are your best option, in addition not only serve retail, wholesale also cater for large purchases. If you need a large number of caudalitas not hesitate to ask for a budget that we will send as short as possible.

Do not miss this excellent opportunity and buy your safe in Bricolemar either for use at home or for use at work is a simple but efficient option to add a touch of order and security in our daily lives.