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Electric grinder

An electric grinder, also known as angle grinder, or grinder discs side, is an electric hand tool used for grinding, cutting and polishing abrasives perform other materials. Electric grinders are standard equipment found in metal fabrication shops and construction sites. They are also common in machine shops, along with grinders and mills bank.

That's why Bricolemar brings you this store belonging to the category of power tools, where you will find the best grinders to perform all these tasks workshop or building with the high quality offered by these electric machines and as always, at the best price you will find on the market, all from the comfort of your computer.

What you should know about electric grinders?

To make a proper decision to purchase electric grinders is necessary to take into account the following details on the various products you can find in our store. The features that can highlight these teams are:

  • Electric grinders are driven by an electric motor.The motor drives a gear at a right angle head on which is mounted an abrasive disc or a thinner section, both can be replaced when worn.
  • Grinders typically have an adjustable guard and a side handle for two - handed operation and provide better ergonomics, safety and accuracy the user to perform a more appropriate task.
  • Certain types of electric grinder depending on its speed range, can be used as sander using a sanding disk with a backup pad or disc. The backup system is generally made of hard plastic, phenolic resin or half-hard rubber depending on the amount of flex ibili ity desired.
  • The power of these power tools is very important when deciding on which task will be used. Thus, the most demanding tasks, for cutting or grinding harder materials require great powers higher than 1600W, while other less demanding tasks can use less power.
  • Types of discs and radial are parts with which tasks can complete sanding, grinding and finishing of various materials, in addition to their diameters in order to achieve broader or more specific surfaces.

And radial disc types for electrical angle grinders:

"> To perform the task of grinding with electric angle grinders is necessary to know a little better the type of disc or radial used for grinding suitable for each type of material and task you want to perform These can mention.:

  • Discs aluminum oxide also known as corundum, used specifically for metal working and stainless steels.
  • Carburo de silicio discs are common across all disks, because they are very versatile, these ideally used for grinding work harder materials such as ceramics and stone
  • Special diamond discs particularly used for grinding and sanding work materials such as concrete.

Here are some features you should know that will enable you to make the right purchase of your power tool so you can enhance your work sanding, grinding, construction, manufacturing and finishing of various types of products and materials.

Therefore get here the best tools like electric grinders of high quality and excellent brands at the best price