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Sale of chainsaws pruning at the best prices and all cortadito

Having a chainsaw is ideal for proper maintenance of green areas like cutting branches of trees and other obstacles, obstructions to roads and other annoyances that prevent the growth of our gardens.

In this section, sub-category of power tools section can have an exclusive selection of the best electric saws and suitable for these works wood cutting gasoline.

How to choose the right chainsaw?

Before continuing on this sale of chainsaws you must take into account certain features of these tools to choose the most suitable for the tasks you want to perform.

  • The type of engine chainsaws: be of lower power electric motor and gasoline engine with more power.
  • The weight of the tool and the length of the sword also influence the purchase decision because as we shall see each weight and length are suitable for cutting a different type of wood also are advised to take into account the weight to avoid by weight discomfort. The length of the sword is understood to be the length of the piece that runs the saw.
  • The characteristics of the wood to be cut: it should be treated whether soft, hard woods, or if it is to cut trees with chainsaws:
    • For softwoods, simply choose a power of between 1600 to 2200 Watts of power.
    • If it comes to hardwoods diameters smaller than 15 cm, gasoline chainsaws, light and swords lengths between 35 to 40 cm is recommended.
    • Hardwoods for over 15 cm in diameter the blades gasoline powered by between 33 to 45 cm are recommended.
    • If it is intended to cut down trees are suitable gasoline chainsaws over 45 cm sword.

Remember to check these details when buying chainsaw pruning of your choice and if you still have questions, you can contact us and we'll help you .

We have the best prices chainsaws pruning

In this sale of chainsaws we offer the best tools for new cut you make pruning in the garden and green areas of the home like a pro.

And if you have a company of pruners, you handle tasks wood cutting saws or you want to market these products, you can call us to offer you the best wholesale price.