Keys, hand tools for every task tightening

A whole entire universe of keys we offer in our online store keys Bricolemar tools, so you choose the one key that can most need.

We have the best brands in tools to bring their own keys and key sets of all types and sizes, for simple tasks and more complicated tasks. Brands such as Bahco , Mercatools , Power Mac, Karpatools and many more.

Upon entering this section you will find different types of tools keys can find the best price with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your computer. Each key has a special function that can satisfy a particular need.

So if you are looking to buy key tools you're in the right place. Remember that our prices for all our products presented for retail purchase, so if you need to buy wholesale, you just have to call us and we will be happy to help.

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  • Star Keys

    Star keys to realize the ideal fit your nuts

    The best place to buy keys Bricolemar star is here if you are looking for the best price-quality ratio, plus if you want to have excellent service.

    In Bricolemar we have the best Star keys in different ways and the best brands, so you can adjust nuts, bolts, and more with the toughest tools. Keys star brands such as Bahco and Bellota are just a click away from your hands.

    Prices for each spanner presented for retail purchase. To purchase keys star wholesale, please contact us directly through our phone or email so we can discuss the price keys star that your requirement and the number of tools that will ask suits .

  • Combination Wrenches

    Combination wrenches, hand torque wrenches tasks

    Hot keys combined find them in Bricolemar! All tasks you need to perform tightening requiring easy access will be possible thanks to the large number of combination wrenches with which we have.

    In Bricolemar we offer all kinds of different brands combination wrench, as Bahco , Kreator and Mercatools to meet any of your needs. Any of our combined keys incredible price and only a few clicks to have them in your hands.

    Buy combination wrenches never been easier, well if you want to acquire these tools at retail prices as we offer them here or by calling our hotlines to acquire these keys combined to wholesale prices in Bricolemar you are in the ideal place to buy site these products or more.

  • Spanners

    Wrenches, hand tools easily accessible to tighten

    If you are looking for the best place to buy spanners, in Bricolemar you'll find it ! Here are the best options to acquire at unbeatable price fixed keys and thus have easy access to all your tasks tightening.

    We have a variety of spanners thanks to the diverse and prestigious brands of tools, among which may include Bahco and Kreator are two companies specializing in developing such tools spanners.

    You're in the right place to buy spanners with quality and good service and all expressed prices for retail purchase, only here in our online store spanners or you can also contact us directly to our phones if you wish to purchase these hand tools wholesale more, that we may present you the best proposals and budgets according to your purchase.

  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Adjustable wrenches, one wrench and many nut sizes

    Adjustable wrenches, also known as wrench is ideal for tightening a lot of different nut sizes with the ease and convenience of having a single tool tool. In Bricolemar we offer each wrench at unbeatable price.

    One of the most versatile tools, adjustable wrench is one of the ideal companions for all tasks that require tightening or loosening bolts and nuts, but to fulfill successfully with this function, the quality of these hand tools should be excellent, is why we bring English or adjustable wrenches from top brands like Bahco "target =" _ blank "> Bahco , Mercatools and Kreator .

    So mixing quality of these brands and price ideal for each of the requirements that you may have wrench, We brought to market adjustable wrenches our online store where you can enjoy these versatile companions for all manner of tightening and loosening and only a few clicks away from having them in your hands.

    If you want to have the best experience when buying adjustable wrenches not hesitate to move forward in our shop, because here you'll find just what you need. Keep in mind that each wrench has marked for retail price. This means that if you are interested in buying wholesale adjustable wrenches, just have to call us directly to our phones and there I will personally offer the right budget for your application. What are you waiting for!?

  • Allen Wrenches

    allen key, the key L ideal for tightening

    If you need to make the tightening of screws with hexagonal recess, the allen keys are the ideal choice and here in Bricolemar we offer the best keys in L for all your tasks.

    In Bricolemar we offer the best in allen keys because we have different keys for top brands such as Bahco and Mercatools . So our allen keys at the right price you can find only in our online store allen keys.

    So if you want to buy allen keys, also known in the market as keys in L, Bricolemar is the best place to do it, with the prices of our allen wrenches for retail purchases, you will not find better prices than ours. And if you want buy wholesale allen keys, so you just have to call us to our phones directly to offer the best prices for purchases higher.


  • Ratchet Wrenches

    Ratchet wrench, manual key ease of use

    The keys that most facilitate the task of tightening and loosening of screws and nuts are ratchet wrenches. These keys provide ease and convenience to avoid taking the key with every turn of the screw. And as we provide you Bricolemar your DIY tasks, we bring you only the best in our online store ratchet wrenches.

    Here you will find the best torque wrench you need with the quality of the tools Kreator , so you can not miss the opportunity to buy ratchet wrenches us to not have to dock and undock your tool with each turn of the screw or nut .

    The ratchet wrenches we offer here, have 72 teeth each. So do not hesitate and acquires and these tools you will not find in the best market price ratchet wrenches as here.

    Remember that our prices ratchet wrenches are marked for retail purchases. So the keys to buy wholesale only you should contact us directly by phone and we will offer the right budget to your purchasing needs.

  • Tubular Keys

    Pipe wrenches. Best wrenches to tighten nuts tightly.

    Tighten nuts with conventional braces is a task that can be difficult or uncomfortable, that is why the ideal tool is strongly tighten the socket wrench. And Bricolemar in our online store pipe wrenches you offer them the best price.

    Among all pipe wrenches we offer are the tools of specialists as Bahco and Power Mac offering quality manufacturing materials and guaranteed to be domestic products.

    So if you want to buy pipe wrenches here we have the best price and also with excellent service delivery to the door of your home or office, just with a click on our online store.

    The prices of our tubular keys are presented in retail prices, so do not want a tube but in wholesale quantities key, please consult by telephone our wholesale prices and see that you can not resist.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 207 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 207 items