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Furniture closures golpete

In our work DIY or repair, placing a closet door either kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, or any other door furniture, we must find a system so that the door is closed somewhere and does not get into in or is constantly open. Among the many possibilities of closures highlight we can find some very effective and easy to install which are golpete closures.

What types of roller catch can find us?

There are many kinds, but you expose three basic models for you to choose according to your needs:

  • Golpete closing spring type. A piece bolted to the door with a projecting member, for damping a spring exceed extrusion another piece bolted to the cabinet, which was set at that point.
  • Golpete closing two rollers, also called crab. A hook-shaped piece screwed into the door will be trapped between the two rollers of the part screwed to the cabinet.
  • Golpete closing magnet. Without further complications, a metal part bolted to the door will be attracted to another piece magnet screwed to the cabinet. Usuadas also very showcases and mirrored doors bookstores.

These three models will enable not only the door is closed but also will stop so that the door only as far as where the golpete and is aligned with the rest of the furniture.

Golpete closures are elements that necessarily have to be combined with hinges for rotating doors and handles or handles to open them when closed. All of these items can find in our section of hardware for furniture where you'll find a wide variety of models at the best prices.