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LED lights

We offer to illuminate outdoor LED projectors with the best value for money in this section, pertaining to our lighting store, so that all areas of your home have the best light, even open areas.

What you should know before buying LED reflectors?

Before purchasing any of our LED reflectors you need to know about certain important features:

  • The power of outbreaks: this refers to the force with which illuminate these foci and measured in Watts. A higher power, the greater the force with which illuminate these projectors. We have products 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 200 Watts.
  • The angle of the light beam: speaking beam angle refers to the impact this may have on the area to be illuminated, thus at a greater angle, the greater the area focus light. We have reflectors maximum opening 120 °
  • The color temperature of the light: this refers to the type of light emitted. If the color is more yellow 3000K, warm light comes, however if it is of 6000K are facing a cold white light similar to natural light.
  • Lumens: a measure of the luminous flux of a light source or light amount of perceived by the eye. And this flow is necessary to determine the luminous efficiency focus, the divide between the power.

Knowing these details will be possible to purchase the LED projector of your choice according to your lighting needs.

Remember that we offer the best prices for these bulbs for retail purchase on our website, but if you want to buy wholesale quantities to these reflectors for large-scale light installations must contact us to our phone.

Let leave no area of your garden without illumination with LED reflectors you get in our store !.