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Food Preservation

Safe storage and preservation of food for domestic use must comply strictly with the guidelines established by reliable sources. These guidelines have been thoroughly investigated by scientists to determine the best methods to reduce the real threat of food poisoning at the time of unsafe food storage.

Common diseases of food poisoning include listeriosis, mycotoxicosis, salmonellosis, E. coli, poisoning is taf ilococos and botulism. There are many other organisms can also cause food poisoning.

For these reasons, we offer you this in Bricolemar Kitchenware store dedicated exclusively to the products used in food preservation, to prevent these diseases and also to move in comfort and style your food to work, school or anywhere you want.

What are the ideal food items to keep home?

Many food storage items can be found in the market, but we handle Bricolemar put at your disposal the best products to store and safely transport all your food. Among these you will find:

  • Lunchboxes: to store, transport, store and even heat food with the best plastic quality ceramics.
  • Food carrier bags: for moving and transporting food preserving temperatures for food way to work, school or anywhere where food is carried are not damaged.
  • Thermos solids: the best selection of thermos made of stainless steel, ideal for transporting food preserving their temperatures to consume foods as if any newly prepared.

Remember buy everything here looking for food preservation, to avoid losing your food and suffering from bacterial contamination or improper storage conditions that may affect your health with the best lunchboxes, the most elegant carrying food, pots, thermoses, coolers and much more.

All our prices are presented for detailed sale, but if you want to buy our products higher for marketing or other use, we invite you to call our phone so you can offer the best accommodation to suit your budget.