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Artificial grass

Tapes, bands, adhesives and artificial turf to forget garden maintenance

Upon arriving the spring and summer, we want to show our homes and gardens in excellent condition, but this is not always so simple because simply do not have all the time to devote to keep our garden.

So we in Bricolemar, we have given the task to bring everything you need on artificial turf so you can have a more beautiful and always presentable garden without having to make constant maintenance and also, no matter the season to your garden always looks great. That's why we offer not only the specifications of artificial turf, but also bring you the bonding tape for artificial turf, the adhesive for artificial turf and the band to join the sheets of grass.


All you need for a great lawn, are big brands:

If you want your artificial turf stays in top condition, you must use the best marks to install. Miarco , Intermas , Lubeck, Zurich and Ceys are premium brands to install their artificial lawns, you should keep handy to have quality gardens.

Among all the variety of products of various brands, we have:

Ceys :

Ceys is a leading brand in the Spanish market in adhesives, glues, sealants and other products that are necessary for adhesion, waterproofing, restoration and protection in DIY and construction activities. This company with over 50 years experience brings the best adhesives and products to install artificial turf. Among those products we mention the following:

  • The adhesive for artificial turf boat 4Kg Ceys is a green single - component adhesive which makes it very special for sports fields, golf courses, swimming pools or gardens that require bonding work, installation and to restore their artificial turf. This adhesive is presented in a pot of 4 kg for maximum performance.
  • The adhesive for artificial turf Ceys 500gr cartridge is the same pack adhesive green which is ideal to apply wet rubber, rubber, PVC and even concrete, and install, paste and repairing sports fields, gardens, pool areas and up golf courses. This adhesive is a portable cartridge 500gr presentation, for more specific applications.
  • The band to attach artificial turf 30cm x 10m Ceys made to join the pieces of artificial turf so that the bond between them look sneaky. They are also ideal for installation on surfaces and floors, so stick better artificial turf and no contact with the pavement on the boards of the pieces.

Intermas :

With over 60 years of market presence, Intermas a company founded in Barcelona, Spain responsible for producing grids and networks from extruded plastics. Among the products we have to offer are:

  • Artificial turf green 1x25m Lubeck 7mm Intermas which is a very durable and easy to clean and installation of 5mm high grass.
  • Artificial turf green 1x5m Lubeck 7mm Intermas . An artificial very durable and easy to clean and installation as the previous version, for smaller spaces in the area, for its 5m long grass. This grass has a height of 5 mm.
  • Artificial turf green 2x5m Lubeck 7mm Intermas is a lawn of the same features as the other rolls of artificial turf in rolls of 2 meters wide by 5 m in length. The height of this field is also 5mm.
  • Artificial turf green 2x25m Lubeck 7mm Intermas is a lawn with very high strength and easily for installation and cleaning that is presented in a roll of 2 meters wide and a length of 25 meters wider areas. This grass has a height of 7 mm.
  • Artificial turf green 30mm 2x4m Zurich Intermas is a roll of artificial turf more specialized belonging to a high - end, developed with 4 - wire polyethylene (PE) and requires no maintenance and is very pleasant to the touch. This lawn is ready to use and has perforations that allow it to drain fluids. The height of this grass is 30mm and has 2 curly. The density of this field is about 19,000 threads / m².
  • Artificial turf green 1x4m 35mm Zurich Intermas is a high - end artificial turf, so it is more specialized than the common range of Intermas . This field is developed to be permanently thick thanks to a thread count 19,000 threads / m² are made of polyethylene (PE). Additionally, this grass is very pleasant to the touch and does not require maintenance, it also comes directly ready for use. It is a high-end lawn because it has a drainage system through a perforated intended precisely for this purpose.
  • Artificial turf green 2x4m 35mm Zurich Intermas is another high - end rolls Intermas we offer. This roll, also developed in 4 threads PE and a density at each roll 19. 000 threads / m² a green lawn is made to be permanently thick, pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain. In addition, this lawn is ready to use and has a height of 35mm and 2 curly. The specialty of this field is its perforated allowing water drainage.
  • Artificial turf green 2x4m 40mm Zurich Intermas . This green artificial turf, grass roll is 4-wire PE greater height we have. It is also designed to be used immediately and with features that allow it to be permanently thick as 2 curly - density 19,000 threads / m, be soft to the touch and does not require maintenance since they also have a system of perforations allowing you drain Water. The height of the lawn is 40 mm.


Miarco :

Miarco , a family business with a philosophy focused on providing the best service to its customers to innovate and take the lead in technologies tape and adhesive solutions for use in various sectors involving, DIY home and industrial applications . This company offers the following products:

  • Bonding tape MacGreen artificial turf 150mm x 5m Miarco is an adhesive tape to one side to put the pieces together at the time to install and assemble artificial turfs. These rolls have measures 150mm x 5m and has a green color to better conceal the joints between the pieces of lawn.
  • Bonding tape MacGreen artificial turf 150mm x 10m Miarco , is a roll of tape that is designed to face only so that they can join the pieces of the artificial turf and can conceal the connection between the parts thanks to its green color. These rolls are designed with 150mm x 10m to join pieces of artificial turf larger.


Remember that all of this to build your artificial turf and have a beautiful garden, or a sports track that does not require maintenance and more, we offer you the best price here !.

And do not worry if you have questions or queries by us. You can contact us at our phone WhatsApp, call our phone numbers to write contact form or dejarn your comments you while you browse all our wide ranges of products for everything you need.