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Weather stripping

The basic purpose of weatherstripping for windows is simple, do not let the cold and allow the warmth of our winter heating escape; and back in the summer and not allow between heat and the atmosphere generated by our air conditioners to escape. That is, the weatherstripping keeps our homes without undesirable thermal losses.

However the insulating virtues of a good seal can not stay there. It is a great protector against moisture and prevent rain drops falling through the cracks of our windows. They also reduce the acoustic signals coming from outside, avoiding those undesirable noises at the most inopportune moments.

And finally, we should add a protective factor as it helps the closing window sashes softer, muffled, thus avoiding unnecessary shocks that could damage.

Weather stripping for windows are easy to install. As adhesives, you can remove the protective film and stick it in the desired location. With a few simple scissors you can cut the leftover piece to be used elsewhere that is required. You can also easily replace them when they deteriorate over time and have lost their insulating function: just off the old gasket and clean well the surface where you are placing the new weatherstripping.

When purchasing a weatherstripping window you'll find in this section different materials: rubber, thermoplastic or polyurethane, and also in various colors and special shapes (type E, type P, ...) to suit different models window.

Besides having a weather strip for sliding window for every need, also you have profiles adhesive rubber anti-noise high - quality and protection for the window sashes gums.