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antipanic bar tesa Price The panic Tesa pushrods differ in the way they have to be actuated to open the door only to do a similar push and the door will open without movement minor problem. Within this category we can find the most common panic bars, the universal standard.

The universal antipanic Tesa is a panic bar bar actuated by pushing steel tube characterized by an easy revers ibili ty due to their close for small size profiles supports and easy installation.

Key features of the panic bar Tesa universal

  • It is certified for use in doors cor taf ollowing.
  • The variety of functions presented by these series provide solutions for any assembly, both as single doors with two leaves.
  • Very easy revers ibili dad
  • External operation with:
    Modular Manilla: European profile uses a bulb 30 x 10 mm which allows installation in any door thickness.
    Sena handle: an adjustable cylinder door 32 to 80 mm thick.
  • Narrow support for small size profiles.
  • Easy to install thanks to the regulation of 40 mm of the vertical rod and pos ibili dad cut the horizontal bar to fit any door width.

Buy panic bars Tesa If you are looking to buy panic bars Tesa, in Bricolemar find models embutir- 1910 -to 1930 -to superimpose two locking points, high and low- and 1970 -to sobreponer-, all from the universal serial may supplemented with a variety Sena handles and knobs for external drive.