electric saw and sawing all kinds of DIY tasks

In Bricolemar we offer all the best tools for your DIY tasks or construction. That's why we bring our section of our shop saws. Here you will find all appropriate for the needs and requirements that may have on the development of your tasks chainsaws.

Our online store offers several varieties of saws electric saws ranging from different circular saws of some of the major brands of power tools, to jigsaws which also belong to our selection of quality manufacturers.

In addition, we offer here Bricolemar cheaper price than sierras other virtual stores and many more. So buy electric saw here in our online shop saws may be the best decision you can take to acquire your new power tools.


All our prices chainsaws see them reflected for retail. That's why if you want to buy wholesale power saws, we recommend you contact us directly, in order to agree the price that suits you according to your requirements.

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  • Circular Saws

    Circular saws for cutting wood, metal and other materials.

    If you need circular saws to saw any material, the best place for them is in our section of the online store circular saws. So you can work and sawing wood, metal, plastics and more with the best cutting circular saw hand.

    In Bricolemar we have the best selection circular saw to buy at the best price with the best circular saws for the most demanding DIY work, sawing and construction. We also offer a great delivery service to have circular saw your hand quickly.

    Our prices for circular saws are presented retail, but if you want to obtain the greatest contact us directly we can offer a better price.

  • Jigsaws

    Jigsaws creative designs to achieve perfect wood

    The best jig saws are power tools for woodworking since, thanks to its characteristics, allow creative designs on wood. In Bricolemar, we offer the jigsaw of your choice at very good prices for your woodworking or DIY tasks in general.

    We have a variety to choose to buy jigsaws that are ideal for expert hands and other ideal for less expert hands. We have different brands where you can choose the one that best suits your budget, your experience and your need.

    So if you are looking for a sierrra jigsaws very low price, service quality, delivery and warranty, all that we have for you in our online store jigsaws of Bricolemar.

    Prices jigsaws we have for you on this page are presented to buy retail. However, if you are willing to buy the biggest chop saws, please contact us directly to our phone or email that are ready to surprise you with our prices jigsaws.

  • Bandsaws

    Electrical tape saws, also called band saws or saws endless toothed metal and have a flexible strip, long, narrow moving on two wheels that are in the same vertical plane with a space between them.

    Here you will find band saws for woodworking with all the latest developments and benefits to make the necessary adjustments without neglecting safety and comfort

  • Reciprocating Saws

    The saber saw is a power tool that closely resembles a multipurpose saw, but with all the advantages of being able to make cuts with greater precision and accuracy, allowing also run deep cuts and flush.

    With the wire saw , you can make cuts of tree branches and metal or plastic pipes; cut strips of wood, PVC pipes, metal profiles, plasterboard ...

    The cuts may be incurred even flush with the wall as the saber saw deep and smooth cuts are achieved, and may even daring with fretwork cuts for fit electrical mechanisms.

Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items
Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items